Our Love Maine Lobsters Microwave Steamer

Our Love Maine Lobsters Microwave Steamer
We guarantee that our Microwave Lobster Steamer:

1.) Is the most flavorful way to cook a lobster without adding condiments

2.) Is the quickest way to cook a lobster

3.) Amazingly cooks a lobster virtually odor free

4.) Has the easiest clean up of all conventional lobster cooking methods (under 2 minutes)


1)Place one refrigerated live lobster with its tail tucked under its body and overlap the claws to fit inside the Microwave Lobster Steamer.

2)Add 1 tablespoon of cold water, and then seal the steamer, making sure all of the lobster is inside.

3)Place the steamer in the microwave parallel to the door, unless you have a carrousel and then it makes no difference.

4)Set the microwave on full power and time for weight of lobster. Please note that the recommended cooking times below are based on using a 1000 watt microwave at full power. Microwaves vary in wattage. Adjust your cooking time according to the wattage of you microwave. Make sure steamer remains closed while cooking.

5 minutes for a one pound lobster

6 minutes for a 1 pound lobster

7 minutes for a 1 pound lobster

Let the lobster sitting unopened in the steamer for an additional

1 minute after microwave cooking to allow the hot steam to settle. This is a very important step to insure superior eating quality.

To prevent burns, remove the steamer wearing hand mitts from the microwave and set it on a heat-resistant surface to sit.

5) Carefully open the steamer wearing hand mitts, as the steam is still very hot, and remove the lobster. Prepare to enjoy the finest tasting lobster you have ever eaten!